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Nurse On Board

Health Care Management At Your Fingertips, Advocacy + Navigation + Holistic Care


If you're blessed to have a Registered Nurse in your family, you know what that can do for you. It means you have a healthcare professional close at hand to answer your questions, to make sure your needs are addressed, to ensure your suffering is reduced, and much more.

Your Nurse Care Manager does just that, taking into account the full spectrum of physical and mental health needs. Your RN will get to know you and be a trusted guide wherever you are in life's journey. For many of our clients that means being there with them from first diagnosis, through acute and chronic care, to end of life wishes.

Having a professional by your side to oversee medication regimes, arrange follow-up visits, monitor treatment protocols, and to find, facilitate and supervise community-based care means peace-of-mind for you. Our patients appreciate having a qualified advisor who accompanies them to appointments, tests, and procedures, translates medical information, researches treatment options, advocates for them in hospital, and more.

Nurse On Board is dedicated to providing you with essential care - at the right time, in the right place, with the right provider.

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