Raymond Rupert MD, MBA

How Nurse Entrepreneurs Can Enhance Their Service For Clients With Complex Health Challenges

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Raymond Rupert is the chief problem solver at RCM Health.

RCM Health has provided families and corporations with complex healthcare management services for over 25 years.

Having completed thousands of complex cases, RCM Health is a unique resource for Canadian patients with any complex healthcare problems.

Raymond Rupert is an expert in “real time medical intervention” for clients with complex and very complex problems.

He is the founder and medical director of RCM Health. Since the early 1990’s, RCM Health has focused on case management, care coordination and patient advocacy. The clients at RCM Health have any healthcare problem(s) including medical, surgical, mental health or addiction problems. RCM Health advises clients located anywhere, using high-impact teams and state-of-the art information technology solutions.

RCM Health manages a proprietary network of over 3,200 medical experts from over 150 medical specialties and over 2,800 specialized providers of healthcare services for MRI, CT, PET, outpatient surgery, rehab centers. RCM’s national network of associates provide face-to-face or virtual healthcare services.

RCM Health provides complex case management, absence & disability management services and healthcare advisory services to a number of individual and corporate clients including: the RCMP, Veterans Affairs, Mercedes Benz, Google Canada, ALPA, Pattison Sign, Harris Corp., Costco, Loblaws, Longos, Sunoco, Atlas Packaging, Parmalat, Quality Health, Bayshore Home Health, 20VIC, Timbercreek, The Western University, BOT Construction, Shawcor, Intelex, The Williamson Group, Group Health Global, Benefits Trust, OSI, Strategic Absence Management, Pear Healthcare and a number of family offices.

Raymond Rupert is a graduate of the University of Toronto medical school (MD) and the Rotman School of Business (MBA).

Raymond Rupert MD, MBA