Virtual Exhibit Booth

Features and Sections

Company & General Information

In this section, the following information can be listed: 

  • Company Name

  • Company Logo

  • Company Website URL

  • Company Social Media Accounts

  • Company Primary Email 

  • Company Description

  • Welcome Image or Welcome Video, which autoplays upon visiting your page (optional)

  • An embedded form, survey, or lead retrieval tool that you've created to collect registrants information

Product/Service Education

This area will describe the type of education your company provides for product use. E.g., In-service, patient education, presentations, documents, files, etc. If you do not have any education programs, you can use this section to further describe your company, products, and/or services. 

  • CASE RNs Self Employed RN Members:  up to 3 Product Literature Files

  • Platinum: up to 5 Product Literature Files

  • Gold: up to 3 Product Literature Files


Product File URLs

Note: If you want to track the number of file clicks, all URLs should include UTMs or be generated using a link-shortening/tracking tool like bitly. This is not mandatory, but highly suggested.

If you want to learn more about how to create UTMs, please click here.

Product Videos

In this area, you will be able to provide URLs to your product or company videos. Your Virtual Exhibit Booth can only support videos posted to Youtube, Vimeo, or Facebook. You do not need to send us an .mov or .mp4 file of your videos. Please note that depending on your level of partnership, you will be able to promote a different number of product or company videos. The only information we need in this section are the video URLs. 

  • CASE RNs Self Employed RN Members:  up to 3 Videos

  • Platinum: up to 5 Videos

  • Gold: up to 3 Videos


Connect with your Team

In this area, you will be able to promote your Team Members, their titles, and email addresses so that visitors to your Virtual Exhibitor Booth can connect with them right away!


Note: Depending on your level of partnership, you will be offered to display a different number of team members.

  • CASE RNs Self Employed RN Members: up to 3 Team Members

  • Platinum: up 5 Team Members

  • Gold: up to 3 Team Members

Lead Retrieval/Contact Form

The next part of your Virtual Exhibit Booth is an area dedicated to Lead Retrieval. We want to make sure we can provide you with an opportunity to track more than just the number of clicks on different elements of your page -- we want you to connect with Virtual Conference delegates!  We’ve created an area for you to add a lead retrieval form embedded right on your Virtual Exhibitor Booth.


With a form-building system you already use like SurveyMonkey, Hubspot, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, etc., you can create a form you want to see on your Virtual Exhibitor Booth and simply share the embed code or URL with us. It will appear exactly as you created it in this area. When a visitor submits this form, it will automatically record the responses in your CRM or form-building system.


We encourage you to get creative with this form to incentivize visitors to complete it! Maybe you want to create a contest for all delegates who respond to a survey or offer samples to all those who complete it.

Additional Features

Post-Conference Analytics Report

All vendors will receive a post-conference Analytics Report for your Virtual Exhibit Booth, including statistics like:

  • Total Page Views

    • Total number of times the page was viewed (repeated opens of the same page are counted). Includes Page Ranking, Site Average.

  • Total Sessions 

    • Number of site sessions during which this page was viewed at least once. Includes Percentage of Site Total, Page Ranking.

  • Unique Visitors

    • Number of unique visitors that viewed your page at least once. Includes Page Ranking, Site Average.

  • Bounce Rate

    • The percentage of page visitors that leave your page without performing any actions (like clicking on something or completing a form).

  • Average Time Spent

    • The average time a visitor spends on your page. Includes Page Ranking, Site Average.


“Lightbox” pop-up on your Virtual Exhibit Booth

This lightbox can be triggered after a certain number of seconds a visitor spends on your Virtual Exhibitor Booth or when a certain button or link is clicked. Use this tool to run a giveaway contest, promote a product/service, ask attendees to join a mailing list, or anything else you can come up with!


To inquire about enabling this feature, please ask about the Lightbox when you confirm your sponsorship with CASE RNs.

Next Steps

Confirm your spot as a vendor at the CASE RNs Inaugural Conference! To confirm, please email with the level of partnership you desire.

After joining as an industry partner, you will receive further communication from CASE RNs to submit your information, files, and videos via 4 easy-to-complete forms to begin populating your Virtual Exhibit Booth. Once you receive the forms, we encourage you to submit your information as soon as possible to best prepare for the Virtual Conference. The deadline to submit information and material will be announced soon.